Tuesday, May 27, 2008

You Just Can't Make This Stuff Up

Suffering from growth....The entire blog would be quite amusing, if it were satire. But he actually believes Australia, one of the lowest pop-density nations in the world, should shrink in every way in the next half century.

Look, the white population of the world is stable, maybe shrinking slightly.

The darker hues of humans are the one increasing in population. And many of the places that have high growth rates don't have that milky white skin, either. So both population growth and economic growth are primarily occuring outside whiteland. When white people are upset about growth, they are saying, "There seems to be the right number of me, but way too many of you!"*

So why not call this whole environment movement the "Hey, Jack, White people got their hot tubs and solar-powered laptops, why don't you dusky hordes live in your grass huts and like it?" lobby?

We may need to try to mitigate environmental damage of growth, but to decide that the present distribution of wealth and power was handed down by a pale-hued God seems unfair.

*Props to PJ O'Rourke on this thought.


Shawn said...

"seems unfair" - understatement

Anonymous said...

It's kind of like the talk about urban sprawl taking up farmland. The fact is that our growth in urbanization means that the countryside is rapidly becoming denuded of people. To someone in a city though, all they see is farmland, NEAR THEM, disappearing (more specifically, THEIR nice view or woods) and suddenly its an epidemic.

Meanwhile, since all the rednecks are becoming city slickers, no one is left in the country to shoot the critters and they go and do things like show up in downtown Chicago (I referring to the recent Mountain Lion running around Chi-town)