Monday, May 26, 2008

Denouement: Lib Nat Convention

Unknotting the end of the beginning: details


Anonymous said...

How did this happen? Even with the Root endorsement it doesn't make sense. I know NC delegates were voting for Barr, so what was going through their heads... "Let's choose a pro drug war Republican who voted for the patriot act and looks like a sex offendor. He's definitely the best person to carry our message."

Seriously. Help me feel better about this before I start looking for finance jobs in the Caymans.

Mungowitz said...

It is NOT true, I think, that Barr had a majority of the votes from the NC delegation.

I, for one, didn't vote. I was on a plane. I gave my debate token to Mary Ruwart, out of loyalty to my very good friend Lee Wrights. I can't speak for anyone else from NC.

On the other hand, I just made a sizeable contribution to the Barr campaign. He did a good job, IMHO, in explaining how his beliefs now are fully in line with the Lib platform.

Anonymous said...