Thursday, May 15, 2008

McCain gets one thing right and HRC goes mental!

John McCain had the guts to say he would veto the current farm bill thus making an almost infinite increase in the number of sensible things he's said lately, but Hill's having none of it:

"I believe saying no to the farm bill is saying no to rural America."

"When Bear Stearns needed assistance, we stepped in with a $30 billion package. But when our farmers need help, all they get from Senator McCain and President Bush is a veto threat," Clinton said.

Holy Crap! Do high food prices hurt farmers? I thought low food prices hurt them? Is there anything on this planet that could possibly happen that wouldn't hurt the American farmer?

With moves like this, how could John Edwards not have endorsed her?

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John Thacker said...

Angus, you haven't been following. Apparently high food prices hurt farmers because they encourage them to plant lots of crops, making food prices drop too quickly later, hurting farmers. Or something like that.

Meanwhile, Sen. Obama has been praising passing the farm bill as the type of bipartisan standing up to special interests that Congress needs to be doing.