Saturday, January 18, 2014

Debt Held by the Public, and the Fed

This is interesting (source article) (Thanks to Danny D, @dandrezner )

But what about this?  (Here is the source article for the second graph).

A lot LESS debt is held by the public than was projected back when there was going to be a debt apocalypse.  So that's good.  But the government has been buying up its own debt with printed money on a truly gigantic scale, OVER THE SAME TIME PERIOD, which may be a somewhat less "good" explanation for the first graph.

Nonetheless, as Danny D notes, the first is "a significant graph."  I'm just saying the second graph is significant, also.

Anonyman: From Law and Order to Disgusted

Anonyman sends this link...

And this email:

1) your program clearly isn't serving the needs of the poor if they are doing this
2) if you put a 77 year old in jail, you've really lost the war on poverty 

After being a law- talking guy for a while, I've come to realize that most of our justice system is really a war on the poor, not poverty. 

Preach, brother.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Ironies, or Fibs?

Fast food restaurants have to be "transparent," and post calories. Even though there is no evidence that this helps.  It's just expensive.  But members of Congress don't have to allow anyone to read legislation before it's passed.  Let's pass this thing, so we can find out what's in it!

And there are no pre-existing conditions or upcharges in ACA.  No one can be denied.  Except that there are, and you can.  And anyone who is upcharged will just not finish the application.  So we are manufacturing a giant adverse selection problem.

I don't think "the state" has a real collective consciousness capable of appreciating irony.  These are just fibs that serve to protect the corrupt individuals who are yelling "Pay no attention to the politicians behind the curtain!"  Nancy Pelosi is NOT a very bad woman.  She's just a very bad leader in a democracy that values transparency.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Next Time, Pick Up a Newspaper

Wow.  Once you have lost the late night comics, you've lost.  This is hilarious, until you realized it's very sad.  People seemed to think that since Obama was a good man and said he cared about them the policies must be good. 

Kimmel gives as a good a public choice explanation of the problem as I've ever seen.
1.  Rational ignorance
2.  Interest groups
3.  Concentrated benefits, diffuse costs.

C'mon honey, let's go check out that Levitra!

Nod to WH

Zombie Ants

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

This week's sign of the apocalypse

Self explanatory. I think we can go straight to the tagline:

 People, if crap like this can happen, why do we even have a government at all?


Maybe our immigration laws ARE too lax!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Answer To An Important Question

So, somebody calls, and asks if you want to talk to Aasif Mandvi

Answer:  No.  No, you don't.  Why do people do this?  Do they think they are God's special snowflake, and the smirking, and the editing, are not going to HAMMER THE EVER-LOVING BEJESUS out of them?

Nothing against Mandvi, or the Daily Show.  At this point, these are not ambush interviews, because it's obvious what is going to happen.  If cannibals ask:  "Can you come to dinner?" it means YOU are going to be cooked.  If Aasif Mandvi asks if you want to do an interview, it means YOU are going to be smoked and hung out to dry.

No.  I do not want to do an interview with Aasif Mandvi.  Here are some folks who should have read this blog post.  (And, on the merits, a pretty good point about the insurance.  The DS mostly nails smug idiots.  Smug idiots are nailed here.)

Bad Idea List

On the really bad idea list, this is fairly near the top.  Not sure it's real, of course, but if it is it's a bad idea.

Nod to Atila A.

Spirits, Colonels, and the art of the deal.

From the NY Times comes word that the NBA may finally be buying out their agreement with the Silna brothers dating back to the sphinctering of the  Spirits  of St. Louis when the NBA and (part of) the ABA merged.
As we recently chronicled, the Silnas have earned around $300 million from their revenue sharing agreement. 

Now the League is proposing to buy them out for another $500 million.

Kudos to you Silnas! Well played.

To see how well, consider that there was another ABA franchise in a similar position also negotiating with the NBA about being frozen out of the merger. They were the Kentucky Colonels. Their owner, the allegedly wily John Y. Brown masterfully negotiated a $3 million dollar lump sum payment.

John Y. no good. Just ask Phillis George.


Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday's Child

1.  This explains a great deal.  Every time I think the U.S. is nuts, someone from Canada gives me some perspective.  Those people are NUTS.  The "Nordic Blonde Nuns" sound like they could be a lot of fun, however.

2.  Okie days.  This is sad.  I feel bad that I laughed.  But I did.

3.  So, this is what Christie and Co. had in mind, right, Daniel Strunk?  Apparently Dan thinks it's okay for now, like the rest of you Republican weasels.

4.  Mandatory recycling separation is a violation of the separation of church and state, simply a form of religious worship without a valid environmental justification.

5.  Megan McA on vile comments.  I generally don't read comments, and I'm happier for it.