Friday, January 31, 2014

Real Emails I Get

So, I got this email, an obvious "Phishing" email (sorry, Tofe, that's what Phish means to most people, sucking, in this case information, but also musically):

(click for even more asinine image)

Then,  I realized that this is really a kind of performance art.  The misspelled title.  The "nobody" as the name on the return email address.  The only necessary misspelling is the "" in the URL.  The others have to be intentional.

So...I approve.  Anyone who gives up their info to something this lousy needs to be moved somewhere OTHER than being in front of a computer.  Like a really soft room.  Play on.

Jogaphy game

All of the following photos are from the same US state. Do you know which one? Tell me in the comments.

Hat tip to Michael Busch

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Oklahoma? OKLAHOMA?

The obvious solution to the "we hate gay marriage" "problem" (if you think it's a problem) is to get the idiotic state OUT of the process completely.

The notion of marriage "licenses" really took hold as a way preventing miscegenation (mixing purty white blood with all those yucky black people, so, bigotry, in other words) and then eugenics (making sure that even white people were fully up to the standards of Aryan ubermenschen, so, white supremacy, in other words).

Get the state out of the picture.  This is a private contract, the state has no business promoting, allowing, licensing, or prohibiting contracts, including marriage, as long as the two parties are competent to enter into the contract by the usual common law standards of competency.

What state is leading us toward this libertarian pipe dream, this utopian notion of unfettered private contracts?

As you can guess from the title, the answer is:  OKLAHOMA!  Where the wind comes sweeping out of churches!

In 2012, when NC was convulsing itself about this question, I constantly advocated for this.  And now, someone is seriously considering it.  And NO ONE is more serious than an OK Baptist (I'm trying to get a witness here from Angus)

The Ping Pong

Terrific with a Zesty Awesomesauce!

I, Red Party Cup.

Along the lines of "I, Pencil."  Sort of.   The video:

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

They might be psycho killers but tonight I really don't care

In honor of the snow-ravaged south and Mungo's recent postings, I give you Jens Lekman's immortal Black Cab (you're welcome)!

Policy Uncertainty

Why Has U.S. Policy Uncertainty Risen Since 1960? 

Scott Baker et al.
NBER Working Paper, January 2014

Abstract: There appears to be a strong upward drift in policy-related economic uncertainty after 1960. We consider two classes of explanations for this rise. The first stresses growth in government spending, taxes, and regulation. A second stresses increased political polarization and its implications for the policy-making process and policy choices. While the evidence is inconclusive, it suggests that both factors play a role in driving the secular increase in policy uncertainty over the last half century.

Silent Treatment

The premise and execution are pretty good. 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Epstein University

Interesting, and useful.

For all things Epstein.  Richard really is a remarkable talent, in every way.  Worth checking out.

Morality and Markets

James Stoner and I had an interchange on Witherspoon's PUBLIC DISCOURSE that you might find of interest.   The "Richmond" example, in particular, is of some consequence, I think.



Snow Ball Slingshot

In honor of what is happening later NC at least.

Thanks to SdM.  And one wishes for a cat screech after he shoots the snow ball "fah."

UPDATE:  Apropos of absolutely nothing...Super Bowl version of Funny Bad Lip Reading.  

University life in this year of the Tucks Medicated Pad (i.e. 2014)

Two actual emails that I received today from actual administrators at my university. People, I know I have a sweet gig and shouldn't complain, but these are pretty amazing.

The first was to inform faculty of "University Policy Regarding Search Warrants" (I am not making this up). We were instructed to ask for a copy of the warrant, inform law enforcement that the University is "represented by Counsel" and then call the University counsel and then provide the Office of the Counsel with a copy of the warrant and any other "supporting materials".

This memo comes with zero context, background, rationale or anything, just boom. I wonder how many employee or consultant hours and dollars went into crafting this piece of shit?

The second relates to the fake "shots fired" emergency we had last week. It informed us that in light of "last week's incident" we need to be made aware of what "shelter in place" means.

Turns out it means lock the door, cover the windows, turn out the lights, silence electronic devices, and remain quiet and "vigilant". That would have made for a great job seminar if we had all hid quietly together underneath our conference table for an hour because some Architecture professors can't tell the difference between a backhoe and an AK-47!

I would say that in the light of last week's "incident" all faculty should be required to put in say, 10 hours at a shooting range in order for them to become more familiar with what gunfire actually sounds like, so that their false alarms don't lock up the rest of the campus and put us all under tables in the dark.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday's Child

1.  Interesting, though highly circumstantial, pictures on minimum wage.  It is striking.

2.  North Carolina proves that those economistic haters like Dennis Coates actually know what they are talking about.

3.  Wow!  No more PAT?  If they go straight to commercial after a TD, there won't be any instant replays.  Not sure this works.

4.  Interesting and not terribly flattering snapshot of BHO.   I think most politicians end up feeling sorry for themselves, because they don't get much respect.  GW Bush could never feel sorry for himself this way, however, because he wasn't poor and he isn't black.  BHO really is convinced people dislike him for illegitimate reasons; he can't face the fact that he is an unusually incompetent leader and a truly awful manager.  He just likes to read vague speeches from a teleprompter and then go watch football.  Why is everybody so MAD at him?  Ooh, look, a touchdown.

5.  Which is a greater infringement on my rights and human dignity:  Having to show an ID before I vote, or having to pass a program of state indoctrination before I am allowed to marry?  Apparently, the program of state indoctrination thing is just fine, at least in Colorado.