Friday, June 29, 2007

Down goes Dubya

Immigration reform is dead and this time its for real. Besides reflecting on Bush's complete lack of clout with his party's dwindling congressional delegations (only 12 out of 49 Republican senators were with him), and speculating on his noble obsession with this issue, it is worth thinking about what happens next.

From my point of view, the status quo is preferable to the type of bill that would attract the votes of 61 Senators. Perhaps Congress could try some small ball and address raising the number of work visas available for skilled immigrants (the current H1B limit is 65,000 per year and they go faster than tickets to the Police reunion tour).

Far be it from me to give political advice to the Republican party, but anti-immigration does not seem to be a huge vote winning platform item. Perhaps a Democratic majority will pass a better bill in 2009?