Friday, June 29, 2007

Story Blows Up Like A Tater in the Microwave

This story will not die.

In fact, the followups show it has legs. If a potato could have legs. Eyes?

Lots more background here, in the Bay City Times

Angus has already pointed out the conflict of interest that lies at the heart of this controversy. But the BCT is still working on that angle:

The first runner-up, Katie Smrecak, will serve as the Potato Queen until a new queen is chosen next month. Smrecak is the daughter of Don Smrecak, chairman of the Munger Potato Festival.

Don Smrecak and Katie Smrecak could not be reached by The Times, and her family declined to comment.

But here is the important new development. Please join!

But for Nowicki's family and friends - and even some strangers - she still reigns as the Potato Queen.

A group on titled ''ALLISON NOWICKI IS THE REAL MUNGER POTATO QUEEN'' was created by Nowicki's sister, Jennifer Nowicki, last week. There are about 25 members so far. Nowicki said she was flattered to find some group members who showed support were people she didn't know.

The Potato Queen preceding Nowicki, KayCe Caban, sympathizes with her as well.

''I know when I was queen, there was a lot of drama ... because I could also not do a lot of parades,'' said Caban, who now lives in Ocean City, Miss. ''It's a popularity contest. A lot of people were upset that I won, and I think that a lot of people were upset that she won. I'm just shocked that they would do that, especially so close to the end of her reign.''

Linda Jenkins, an Essexville resident, was the first runner-up for Potato Queen in 1973 and said she filled in for the queen for several parades and even crowned the new Potato Queen.

''My understanding is the first runner-up did step in when the queen wasn't available,'' Jenkins said. ''As first runner-up, I had a ball. I got to be in the parades ... I got to wear a sash - nobody knew the difference.''


Angus said...

Hi am the proud 68th member of the "Allsion Nowicki is the real Munger Potato Queen" group on Facebook. This just cannot stand people. Not in MY Michigan!

Anonymous said...

....said the guy covered with monkeys.