Monday, June 04, 2007

Same as it ever was

Cubs manager Lou Piniella has been suspended for 4 games for trying to bury an umpire alive. (link to video here). I've been a Lou-natic ever since I read Ball Four by Jim Bouton (a good friend of KPC by the way). In 1969 an end of the line Bouton was on the expansion Seattle Pilots with then rookie Lou Piniella and had this to say about sweet Lou:

Lou Piniella has the red ass. He doesn’t think he’s playing enough. Piniella is a case... He complains a lot about the coaches and ignores them when he feels like it, and to top it off he’s sensitive as hell...

Aside from getting to put "red ass" in a post, I am hoping to point out that people by and large don't change.


Anonymous said...

Change is good I am told! But not all change! Lou is unique and should not change. A-Rod is also unique and should change immediately! One is himself and the other simply likes to pose and mug for the camera. Lou is good on the big stage; A-Rod is not!

Angus said...

Thanks Ted: I saw that Sweet Lou has promised to tone down his act. I'm not a big A-Rod fan but I did enjoy him yelling at the third baseman and getting him to drop the pop-up. that was cool.