Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Honey, does this go with our couch??

The market for contemporary art is exploding. Here are the living painters whose work has sold for the most $$. Get out your checkbooks people!

1. Jasper Johns $80 million last year for "False Start", painted in 1959

2. Cy Twombly $20 million in 2002 for "Lepanto" painted in 2001

3. Robert Rauschenberg $12 million in 1999 for "Factum II" painted in 1957

These first three are all Americans.

4. Peter Doig $11.3 million for "White Canoe"

5. Lucian Freud $8.2 million for "Red Haired Man on a Chair"

6. Damien Hirst $7.4 million for "Lullaby Winter"

7. Gerhart Richter $6.2 million for "Abstraktes Bild"

8. Jeff Koons $5 million for "Michael Jackson and Bubbles"

My advice? Concentrate on Twombly, Richter and Koons. To my mind, Rauschenberg, Doig and Hirst are kind of hacks (of course I think Renoir and Rembrandt are hacks too) and Johns is just too darned expensive.

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Anonymous said...

We have two paintings of seascapes in our living room.

They look like paint-by-number.

What do you think THEY are worth? I would have said "not much," but now I'm thinking maybe $10k or more each.

They are at least 1/1000 as good as that Twombly....