Saturday, June 16, 2007

The week that was

Besides bringing you cutting edge LOLcats, KPC wants to keep our readers informed about developments on issues we've previously posted so....

1. Nifong to world : "I Suck"!! Earlier this week we posted that Nifong was appearing before a disciplinary committee hearing that could lead to his disbarment. Yesterday he gave a tear-stained mea culpa and resigned as Durham county prosecutor. So far so good, but I'm still rooting for disbarment and then a civil suit against him.

2. Confessions of a Double Murderer it is!! In the case we reported on earlier this week, a judge has awarded Ron Goldman's family the rights to OJ aborted book. Sweet!

3. Delayed reaction. We profiled allegedly plucky French tennis pro Marc Giquel who took a fast serve to the harbles and then after an icing returned to the court and won his match. However, the next day he quit after losing the first set of his quarterfinal match to Finnish hearthrob Jarkko Nieminen.


Anonymous said...

Nifong did apologize - but, then again, he still claimed that something must have happened in the bathroom, even if not a rape, even if not a sexual assault.

Now, the truly amazing thing is that even someone as dishonest as Nifong has apologized... whereas the almost 100 Duke faculty haven't.

No wonder tenure has a bad name in some quarters.

Duke 09 said...

I find it appalling that some of my own professors display so little open-mindedness, and so little intellectual honesty, to admit that they did rush to judgment, that they did make a mistake, and that they have now learned so.

Isn't science all about positing a conjecture, confronting it with the data, and then assessing whether the conjecture was accurate or not?

I am a double major, and one of my majors is Political Science. I feel ashamed of this, given that some associate my major with some of the 88 faculty who signed the Chronicle add, and with a Professor who unfairly punished - via grading - a student who was an athlete.