Tuesday, June 26, 2007

You Have To Learn How To Signal

Dr. Karlson is right in this, as in so many things.

Fighting over whose language to use seems silly.

Of course, maybe I just say that because I teach at a preternaturally expensive private school.....But acquiring a real facility with signals, and learning
how to fit in, and how to think and solve problems, EVEN IF THE PROBLEMS ARE MADE-UP AND ARE REALLY JUST ENTRY BARRIERS....It's valuable.

Education is the lubricant for social intercourse. There, I said it.

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Joe Strummer said...

Two thoughts:

1. Education may lubricate, but paying $150k to go to a private school for three years may not be the cheapest kind of grease. And I blame subsidization.

2. As someone suffering through law school right now, I can say with some confidence that while some made-up problems are valuable entry barriers, three years of made up problems is just an expensive form of cartelization.