Friday, June 01, 2007

Uncle Sam is the wind beneath my wings

From today's NYT comes a story : Where Now, for the Wind?

After talking glowingly about the increases in wind farms and wind produced energy the article turns dark:

"But the wind turbines rest on shaky financial foundations. And the industry faces a challenge in the marketplace, one that may well be crucial for the nation’s ability to wean itself from fossil fuels and deal with global warming"

Oh no!! That's awful, what is the problem?

"The problem is that the staying power of these companies is ultimately dependent on tax benefits from the capricious hands of lawmakers in Congress. A critical test comes at the end of next year, when the tax provisions fueling the initial wind power boomlet are due to lapse."

What you talking about Willis??

More than half the value in a typical wind project comes from tax incentives, so executives at the FPL Group concede that their program would again be halted if the tax credits lapse at the end of 2008.

Oh. Awesome. This makes ethanol look GOOD. This is the industry's "challenge in the marketplace"? That they are utterly dependent on my tax dollars to even exist? Bless their hearts.

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