Friday, June 15, 2007

A Radical Proposal for Reducing the Trade Deficit

In case you haven't noticed, the US is running a large trade deficit. Oh, and a lot of people are upset about it too. Anyway, what often goes unmentioned in all the anti-China, anti-trade rhetoric is that (A) the US imports a lot of oil, and (B) the price of oil has gone through the roof lately.

So, if the trade deficit is such a bad thing, and oil imports are a major cause of the deficit, then given that our two largest sources of imported oil are Canada and Mexico (I am not making this up: check it out here), and since we have allegedly not been averse to going to war over oil, I humbly propose that we consider annexing our immediate neighbors to the north and south.

Hey, I just solved the immigration problem too, didn't I?? Sweet!!!