Thursday, June 28, 2007

Scots wa hae*

Yes, my native land is in the news.

Gordon Brown takes over as PM of the UK. Glasgow born and Edinburgh educated, Brown is in many ways the anti-Blair. The Wall Street Journal has an incredibly smarmy and condescending profile of Brown on its editorial page today entitled, "So Who's this Gordon Brown Anyway".

Among the gems: "If he is having a bad time, big Gordon has a job disguising it. His purple lips start to pout. He begins to pull at his dark pepper-and-salt fringe, or at least he did until he recently had it shampooed and trimmed."

Wow and then there is this: in public he is a bundle of anxiety who thinks he must crush all resistance. His jaw juts when he speaks and he has a smallish repertoire of jokes. At a lectern he does not swagger or casually survey the throng. He pats his script repeatedly with two hands the fingernails of which are bitten to bleeding remnants. Not even the most skilled Manhattan manicurist could salvage those nails.

This has got to be an all time low, even for the WS Journal editorial page. I guess they are practicing up for eight years of Hillary bashing!

*if the title seems overly weird look here


Anonymous said...

How come the editorial page of the WSJ suck so bad? I mean, it's just really embarrassing. Has it been so bad all along? (Young reader here).

Angus said...

Well, yes, kind of. Its very ideological and not above repeated ad hominem attacks against its "enemies". I guess Gordon Brown is too liberal (or has too pouty of lips) for their taste.