Friday, June 08, 2007

No Wonder Vista is so Funky

Harvard's "most famous drop-out" returned to cop an honorary degree and give the commencement address:
In his remarks Bill said, "reducing inequity is the highest human achievement"


I realize that I am somewhat of a freak, but isn't that kind of nuts?

So Bill is saying to Michelangelo and Robert Gober and Marino Marini "go screw". The same to Leonardo, Titian, Richter, and Twombly. Not to mention Beethoven, Mozart, McCartney. Oh yeah Frank Lloyd Wright and Frank Gehry too! None of you bums reduced inequity.

Who is Gates' hero, Fidel Castro??

Hasn't Microsoft massively increased inequity? Isn't the digital divide the big inequity of our times?

They shoulda let Bill Russell (see the photo) give the speech.


Josh said...

I totally agree that Gates is ridiculous to be saying reducing inequity is the highest human achievement, but I really don't think Microsoft, or the digital age in general, has increased inequity.

Admittedly, those who do not have internet access are at a disadvantage. But, more and more lower class individuals are attaining internet access, which offers them academic, political, media and other resources that they would not have been able to attain during the business age. I.e. Poor person can now read Washington Post and NYT for free every day, whereas they would have needed a paid subscription in the past.

Thus, once access is acquired (which is occurring at a faster and faster rate), rather than causing a divide, the internet is becoming a great equalizer.

Beth said...

Oh, please! Inequity as in equal access to freedom from disease, to clean water, to sufficient and nutritious food, to a means of livelihood? I am no Bill Gates fan, but at least the man is getting off his fat butt and redistributing some of his wealth!

That is neither communism nor socialism--it is plain old compassion.

Michael said...

Whoa! Hate the game, not the Angus!

Angus is just accepting the premise that inequality is inequity. And the internet, and good computer programs, have clearly increased inequality. Lots of creative people have been able to use their talents, and create value, and make money by doing it.

Is this good? *I* think so. Inequality is a sign that extra effort and talent is rewarded.

As for whether Bill Gates is more admirable for "redistributing".... Yikes! Gates and Soros scare me a bit. Just focus on creating stuff other people want to buy, not on arranging other peoples' lives to suit you!

Beth said...

Never said "hate"--I'm into compassion, too.

Angus said...

Hi Guys: thanks for your comments. Beth, I too am a big fan of compassion and applaud Mr. Gates' philanthropy. I just don't think reducing inequity is the greatest human achievement by a long shot, nor do I appreciate Gates' egomania (I am now a philanthropist and so philanthropy is the greatest thing a human can do).