Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Tyler Cowen is Pure Evil

Maybe it's because I am up at GMU Law School to give some lectures, and being in the same building as Mercatus is annoying. All that freedom and creativity in the same building as a LAW SCHOOL. Problems.

But the real problem is hearing from Angus that Tyler is hatin' on the Cavs. This from a WASHINGTON basketball fan, mind you.

It struck me that Tyler is pure evil. I'm not talking about just the way Alex T describes the differences in their posts; I mean pure evil in the way that Amish described Glenn Reynolds, and I do thank Amish (and Fat Kid; RIP) for the idea of such a list.

10)He dresses as Santa Claus and pretends to have a heart attack in front of small groups of children. Screams, "This is the big one, Elizabeth!" Kids have no idea what that means, but cry because they don't want Santa to die.

9)Enjoys nothing better than a good game of dwarf tossing.

8)He's Lindsay Lohan's agent. And he hid her underwear.

7)He's the Man. You know ...the guy thats been keeping the poor folks down for the last 200 years. That's Tyler.

First 6)He has to kill hobos to get an "inspiration." Even then, it's iffy.

Second 6)He's currently helping O.J. look for the "real" killers. And he wants Mike Nifong to prosecute them, when they are found.

Third 6)Convinced someone in Hollywood that "Little Man" would be even funnier than "White Chicks." He now has the Wayans brothers' souls in a safe deposit box at a bank in Centreville, VA.

5)He once linked a blog in Reno, just to watch its server crash. (A "MarginLanche")

4)Told Dick Cheney it was casual friday at Auschwitz. Told William Jefferson that cops never look in the freezer. Told George Bush Iraq was a secular nation. Told Wolfowitz nobody would notice the raise for his girlfriend. I could go on. But you get the idea.

3)Told all of his guy friends that the Crying Game is a really good date movie.

2)Tyler can control weaker minds. That guy that tried to jump into the Popemobile? Tyler double-dog-dared-him. "I want that hat!", he said.

1)He told Britney Spears that hair, anywhere, is overrated.