Sunday, June 24, 2007

Weekend Update

Here at KPC we like to keep you informed about new developments on past posts, so without further ado:

(1) After while, Crocodile! Not if I see you first, Damien Hirst! KPC gave you art collecting advice, listing the most expensive living painters and which were most worth pursuing. Now word comes from the BBC this week that Damien Hirst's top sale price has jumped from $7.4 million to $19.3 million. Similarly, Lucien Freud's record price went from $8.2 million to $15.6 million. Wow, Contempory art prices are showing almost bubble-like behavior. KPC advises selling your Rothkos, Johns, Pollocks and the like ASAP.

(2) The NY Times has GOT to stop copying KPC! Earlier I reported with delight about Gustavo Arellano's awesome column "Ask A Mexican". Now the copycat NY Times has chimed in as well. Back off gray lady, he's OUR Mexican.

(3) Apres disbarment, le deluge! CNN reports that the Duke LAX 3 are (a) seeking to have Mike Nifong charged with criminal contempt of court and (b) asking a judge to order Nifong to pay their legal bills. So dreams do come true!