Friday, June 22, 2007

Growth: F-cups and Bulging briefs

A remarkable post.

The part about growth struck me as....striking.

The post goes to say that a similar product for men, tentatively being called “bulging briefs biscuits,” is rumored to be ready for release early next year, although some commentators are claiming it may come sooner than expected.

I just HATE it when bulging briefs come sooner than expected. Sort of takes the edge off the whole proceedings. And then you have to talk for half an hour, at least, and hope she doesn't get sleepy.

Also from Japundit:
These new health foods (assuming they actually work) are sure to bulk up the population and also help with Japan’s flagging boinky boinky rate.

Tokyo Times gets the scoop: ATSRTWT

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Chris Lawrence said...

I'm continually in awe at your discoveries on the Interwebs.