Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Homenaje a Tyler

You guessed it. I'm in Michigan (visiting family) and here's my best of Michigan list:

1. Sufjan Stevens, second best Michigander of all time (after Pontiac). His album "Greetings from Michigan" (pictured above) is highly recommended.

2. Mark Perry, my ex-student, friend and co-author.

3. Berry Gordy. Motown was the soundtrack of my youth on either CKLW or WKNR radio. I'd put the radio under my pillow and listen into the night. I was constantly on the scrounge for batteries!

4. Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes, trudge to the top and tumble to the bottom. lather rinse repeat. Pretty much the highlight of every summer for me was going there.

5. Iggy Pop , (born James Osterburg). While the Stooges reunion efforts are appallingly bad. The original Stooges were/are awesome. Their first three albums (The Stooges, Fun House, and Raw Power are not to be missed). From Ann Arbor trailer trash to the Godfather of Punk. Well done Ig!


Anonymous said...

It's Sufjan (not sufjean) and I agree, he is fantastic. His Illinois record is even better.

Angus said...

Duly noted and changed, thanks. I spell abysmally. For me there are great songs on both Michigan and Illinois. I can't pick a favorite, but hey since I'm in Michigan right now......

Beth said...

Just drove across MI last week and gotta say the radio stations were great--it was a rockin' ride.