Friday, June 25, 2010

Angus's guide to yesterday's movies

I just couldn't bring myself to go to Iron Man II or Karate Kid II or Toy Story III (yes I am oddly snobby about some things), but here are a couple movies I just saw that I really liked:

1. Looking for Eric. Sad, disfunctional postman/dad gets life and love advice from Eric Cantona. This is a Ken Loach film and I really liked it from beginning to end. The scenes of the postmen hanging out together are fantastic and Cantona is fantastic too.

2. Youth in Revolt. I couldn't convince Mrs. Angus to see this in the theatre, but I did convince her to watch it on pay per view at home. I've been a big Michael Cera fan since Arrested Development, though I fear he'll be playing oddball kids when he's 60 years old! Fred Willard absolutely KILLS in this movie.

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Anonymous said...

You are oddly snobby about SOME things?

And this means that you are just normally, not oddly, snobby about everything else?