Sunday, June 27, 2010

My man BobLee has some thoughts about Raleigh's mayor.

What Mayor Meeker said: Members of the Wake County school board "are not from this area and do not share our values..."


Let me translate that for you: "Y'all Yankees git yer sorry, carpet-baggin' racist asses back on I-85, headed north, and don't even stop to pee 'til you hit South Hill"

The cool thing is that Mayor Meeker.... is... NOT... FROM... NORTH CAROLINA, and went to school in Connecticut. As we native southerners say, "Bless his heart."

As Bob Lee points out, Mayor Meeker's own WIFE is on that very school board that does not share "our" values.

People on the left only believe in democracy as long as the majority agrees with them. As soon as the majority shows a mind of its own, it's time to bring out the guns.

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