Wednesday, June 23, 2010

groundhog day, grasscourt style

Tomorrow, for the third day in a row, Jon Isner will wake up in the morning knowing that he has to play a tennis match against some French guy named Mahut.


Tuesday, they played 4 sets until the match was suspended by darkness at 9:00 pm London time with the score being 2 sets apiece.

Today, they played the 5th set (which at Wimbledon cannot end in a tiebreaker).

For over 7 hours.

Until play was suspended by darkness at 9:00 pm London time.

With the score being tied at 59 games apiece.

Tomorrow they will get up and do it again (amen).

Theoretically, this could go on forever.

People, the winner would be normally scheduled to play his next match already tomorrow.

Not sure how that will play out, but this is epic.

And it could actually go on forever. There are no other provisions in the rules beyond that a 5th set is played until someone wins 6 games or more and has a margin of 2 games.

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Anonymous said...

they do it without skin on their toes...