Monday, June 28, 2010

SC Strikes Down Chicago Handgun Ban!

Yay! Supreme Court strikes down handgun ban. CNN reports it. BizWeek version.

The 2nd Amendment is finally incorporated, and with a strong personal liberty component. Guns are NOT for hunting. They are for personal protection, if the person chooses to purchase one and use it responsibly.

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Tom said...

CNN says it's a victory for the NRA; no mention of Alan Gura, IJ, or Cato, just stupid NRA, who had to be dragged into the fight.

It's sad that the vote was 5/4. Breyer's argument was so typical: we have some practical (but unsubstantiated) concerns about implementation of this clear legal principle. Hrrrrph!

Justice Thomas is a hero: he concurred, but based his decision on Privileges and Immunities.