Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Do NOT jaywalk in Seattle

Especially if you are female and African-American!

Check this video of the buzz-cut white cop winding up and punching a girl in the face!

Of course the cop union says the action was "justified".



PeeDub said...

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yamahaeleven said...

In the nearby city of Bellevue, I've seen motorcycle cops ride their bikes down stairs to apprehend pedestrians who cut crossings by a few feet, both cities enforce jay walking laws very strictly. Altercations such as this are frequent, just not caught on video.

Anonymous said...

This incident couldn't even get the commenters--or the writers for that matter!--at the Steanger's (seattle's alt weekly) blog on the police brutality bandwagon. I live in Seattle and am amazed at how little Jwalking happens. This is because, as noted above, they enforce the laws pretty strictly. My guess is that it's because of the hills downtown and how you can never tell if a car is about to crest one. But the cops ticket everyone for it here, not just blacks.

Sorry, but the punch in the face had NOTHING to do with the girl being black or the Jwalking. It has everything to do with assaulting a police officer. You. Just. don't. Shove. An. Officer. Even when he's trying to give your friend a ticket for a stupid 'crime'. And if your friend is resisting, you tell her to calm down before a stupid ticket escalates into resisting arrest. If you do shive a cop, you probably deserve a punch in the face, not to mention any criminal charges that get filed against you.

I mean, even munger thinks that laws need to be enforced...