Sunday, June 20, 2010

Undercover Operation: Strippers Take Clothes Off!

The LMM and I are at Wrightsville Beach, for the week.

One of the pleasures of being here is reading the local newspaper.

Here is a truly wonderful story: After a six-month (!!) undercover sting operation, the men of Charlottes's finest have concluded that strippers take. their. clothes. off.

Thank goodness we have a police force, to protect us from dangerous naked women. I think Mr. Fall has it right, below:

Chris Fall, owner of the Paper Doll Lounge on Wilkinson Boulevard, said the women from his club denied that they removed all of their clothing.

Fall is upset about the charges, saying the investigation is a waste of taxpayer money, particularly in tight financial times.

"The government, they're bad on money and they're coming after us," Fall said. "Paying (agents) to go to strip clubs... and have a good time."

He said the arrests have hurt his business: "Why run all the business off? You're supposed to be helping businesses, not hurting businesses."

The clubs could face disciplinary action by the state ABC commission, which controls licensing for businesses that sell alcohol.

So the cops told some undercover guys to spend six months going to strip clubs, buying drinks and tucking $20s into g-strings (you have to fit in, if you are undercover). And the result is that six young women are going to go to jail, for the crime of sharing.

Yes, I understand the police don't write the laws, and they have to enforce all the laws. But surely there are other priorities in Charlotte....


Simon Spero said...

If only they'd treated the ABC commissioners to a $12,700 dinner (Jon Sanders guest posting on ABC scandals for on John Hood's blog, at the John Locke Foundation- probably because Jon Ham was in the John.)

Hmmm... that's a lot of Johns for an blog post that appeared on the same day as the Big Charlotte Bust.


John Covil said...

As a john, I take offense. I don't want to be associated with all those people named John!

Anonymous said...

I feel more and more every day that my life was wasted on the academy. Little did I know that if I had become a cop, I could have spent my life in strip clubs, beating the crap out of people, and irresponsbily discharging fire arms. And getting paid. And getting away with it.

Is it too late to chage careers?

Anonymous said...

Not to mention, in some places, retiring at 50 with a full pension and benefits adding up to nearly $120k...for now that is.