Saturday, June 26, 2010

Welcome to America: Ghana's B%tch

Once again the USA gave up an early goal, but this time they just couldn't overcome it. People, did you know that (a) the only goals Ghana scored in group play came on penalty kicks?, (b) Ghana's best player never played at all? (c) Ghana also knocked the USA out of the World Cup the last time.

This piece puts the blame right where it belongs.

I am not upset though (not yet anyway), my team is Mexico!


Portugeezer. said...

A tad harsh on Bradley. Yes, Findley and Clark showed no signs of being quality footballers, but the same has to be said of Jay DeMerit, whose positioning over the tournament has been suspect and, let's not forget, plays for a very mediocre Championship side. The real problem for the US is that a lot of its players are still nowhere near the level required to play in a World Cup quarter or semi final, including Altidore, who has flattered to deceive through his work rate. In fact, I only rate 4/5 of the current squad as quality players: Donovan, the superb Dempsey, Bradley, Onyweu (slight question mark here) and Feilhaber. Most of the others are relatively competent, but the previously mentioned three were found out when it really mattered.
Despite Bob Bradley's shortcomings, he was smart and brave enough to acknowledge his mistake and there wasn't much else he could have done better at that point. Shoddy defending will always do you in the end. Better luck next time.

Aaron Aardvark said...

Cherundolo had a decent tournament. He is the best US defender at getting an attack started from the back.

Question: Dempsey has the mentality of a striker, so why isn't he playing up front? Allow him to be the USA's Klose.

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