Thursday, June 17, 2010


Diego takes a licking but keeps on ticking:

A couple of days ago Pele was quoted in the Brazilian press as suggesting that Argentina's appointment of Maradona was a mistake and that the former superstar only took the job because he needed the money.

"I'm not surprised, Pele should go back to the museum," was Maradona's retort before he also took a pop at former France star Platini, who a few months ago had insinuated that Maradona was a great player but not a great coach.

"As for Platini, I'm not surprised because I always had a distant relationship with him, we would just say hi and goodbye.

"But we know what the French are like and Platini is French, he believes he's better than the rest of us."

Personally I think he took the job for the fancy toilets and massive salad bar, but it cannot be denied that Argentina has won its first two games, including an absolute drubbing of South Korea this morning and is looking like a team to be reckoned with down the road.

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