Monday, June 21, 2010

Just So You See What I'm Dealin' With Here

The LMM comes out of our bedroom at the beach condo, wearing the gauzy little things that women wear in summer. She sidles up to me, and I catch a hint of sultry perfume.

She puts her arms around me, and says, "I was thinkin'."

Me: "Really? Thinking what?

LMM: "We might get really crazy tonight."

Me: (speechless, amazed, etc.)

LMM: "Yeah, I was thinking we could lock the doors, have a few beers...."

Me: (!!!!!YEAH? YEAH?!!!! still can't speak)

LMM: "And then we could have some more beers, and then get totally kinky, and NOT RECYCLE THE BEER BOTTLES!"

Sigh. She was just messing with me. I am, in spite of my complaints about the system, pretty serious about recycling.


Norman said...


Anonymous said...

serious about recycling, or about not recycling?

And, how did the story end? Hot, kinky throwing glass into the trash?

LoneSnark said...

What kind of quasi-economist is into recycling? Don't you understand opportunity cost? Recycling is often a net loss for you and society at large, so your fans want to know, how can you be into it?

David said...

I think you recycled that joke.

Mungowitz said...

Well, SHE may have recycled the joke, but I was taken in by it.

As for my own views on recycling, yes, I recognize it is largely wasteful, as I wrote here:

And has been written about here:

Still, I hate wasting stuff, and so I do recycle more than is likely rational from an economic perspective.

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