Friday, June 25, 2010

Brown Bailout

I have no brief for Fed Exp, particularly. But this is clever.

UPDATE: And THIS is cleverer. Thanks to Christian, in comments.


Christian McClellan said...

Nick Gillespie did it a little smarter here:

Thanks as always

Midnight Moses said...

Does Gillespie have a male up-do? Or is that just his skull shape?

W0LF said...

Neither side in this fight is in danger of being nominated for sainthood but these Fedex-paid commercials are tantamount to slander. What they're putting on the white board is in no way reflective of the actual politics involved. UPS is simply wanting two companies in the same game to play by the same rules. And if they convinced their customers to contact their congressman rather than resorting to skeezy lobbying they'd probably have gotten their way.