Monday, June 28, 2010

We are Clean!

After a thorough investigation, the Munger 2008 Gov campaign can breathe a sigh of relief. There were no additional unreported donations of private jet rides to the campaign, the candidate, or its staff.

Partly because there were no donations of private jet rides.
Partly because there were no private jet rides.
Partly because there were no airplane rides. We used the thing called "the car."

Bev Perdue, the people's choice, had 42 unreported private plane rides donated to the campaign, as part of the $19 million she spent for a job that pays $130k. Pat McCrory spent less than half that.

Makes me wistful. Maybe someday I'll get someone to donate a trip in the air, so I can report it. Maybe something like this:


Anonymous said...

niice. You may want to celebrate with some swag:

Barbara H said...

So what does this comment mean?

"Elections director Gary Bartlett said the full state elections board could take up the new report next month, but in a memo he says that all campaigns had problems and that there appears to be no evidence of 'any intent of wrongdoing.'"

My campaign didn't have any problems (other than not having enough money to spend on airplane flights) and I know yours didn't. We should sue.