Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Joy

Why was the internet invented?  So a fat guy could lecture us on how to use a katana against burglars.

The description, from YouTube:

What to do if you're only armed with a sword and someone has invaded your home. None of these techniques are foolproof, and the best thing to do would be to simply not be seen. Try to get a look at him, call the police. If you have the means to do so legally, purchase a cheap firearm for home defense. I choose not to, that is my choice, but I will gladly admit that it is much more useful for defending your home than any kind of blade, no matter how skilled you are with one.

Another thing, insure stuff you buy. If you lose something in a burglary, and have no insurance for it, you're screwed. Hopefully the police will find the guy, but if they don't, you lose your stuff. No material possession is worth your life, only engage a burglar if you or your family's lives depend on it. Shut yourself in your room, make sure you have a window for emergency escape, barricade the door, and CALL THE POLICE.

Everyone's situation is different, if you have a child in their own room, go there first, secure the child, and barricade that room. As I said before, if you can, buy a gun. You don't have to take it to the range every day, you don't have to become a master at handling it, just get in some practice and keep it in a drawer. Improvise, improvise, improvise. Anything can be a weapon, umbrellas, lamps, shelves, FRICKIN ANYTHING. It doesn't need to have bullets or an edge to be a weapon. I once heard a story where someone threw their damn mattress at a burglar and knocked him down the stairs.

Use your surroundings, think about who you live with, what your enemy is, what they're equipped with. Most of the time, a burglar won't have their gun at the ready, it'll be in their pocket or stuck in their pants, perhaps in a holster. BE SMART, BE FAST, BE READY, BE SAFE

With a nod to Michael H.


Anonymous said...

"I can't even get a breath cause I'm talking so much!"

Thank goodness for the Internet.

Otherwise this guy would be in his mom's basement talking to himself instead of sharing this with US.

Anonymous said...

He seems perfect for MRU.....