Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Will Sean Penn finally settle the War of the Pacific?

Word is out that, among other things, Evo Morales has asked Sean Penn to reverse the outcome of the War of the Pacific and get Chile to give Bolivia back its coastline!

Is Evo is just enjoying the chance to humiliate Penn?

Is Evo so naive as to think Penn can get national boundaries changed?

Is Penn so arrogant that he led Evo to believe that Penn can get national boundaries changed?

By the way, did you know that the War of the Pacific was fought over poop? It's true!


Anonymous said...

You are mistaken. The war of the pacific was fought over saltpepper nitrate mines found in the Atacama desert.

The war that was for poop (bird poop, that is) was between Chile, Perú, Ecuador and Bolivia (although only Chile and Peru fought) against Spain, took place in 1865-1866 and its purpose was for the South American countries to defend Peru´s sovereignty over some islets that were rich in bird poop after millennia of birds nesting there. The poop was used as fertilizer and as a raw material for gunpowder (which what saltpepper nitrates were used). You can find out more at


Jeff said...

If anyone can do it, Sean Penn can.

Anonymous said...

His "dad's got an awesome set of tools!" He "can fix it!"

Tom said...

As to the question, perhaps it's "all of the above".

I don't know if guano figured in here, but I have read about working conditions for guano "miners"... Worst. Job. Ever.

Unknown said...

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