Tuesday, October 09, 2012

HIstory got sides?

"we want to go to our graves feeling we were on the right side of history" ~Tyler Cowen

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Now I hope Tyler lives a long and interesting life, but his language just reminded me of the incredible Mae Shi song "Run to Your Grave". I couldn't get it out of my head so I decided to share it with you people.

Money quote:

"Cause they're coming for your brain but
They will leave with your head
And they've got money and science
And they will leave you for dead"

Great quotes from the comments section of MR as well:

"Whichever way history runs, when you go to your grave you are on the wrong side of it". ~ Andrew'

I doubt that online education is really what you will be thinking about when you “go to [y]our graves” ~ Andreas Moser


Anonymous said...

Angus, you've dealt with Tyler long enough that I'm surprised you didn't realize he was making a joke:
", so to speak."

Angus said...

and i'm not?