Saturday, October 13, 2012

Torn from the headlines

People, you wonder why folks in Washington have trouble with getting the math right? Well the town's paper of record, the senescent WAPO, is not helping.

In the print edition this morning, Preston Williams' column on the Yankees - Os series reads in part, "Sabathia hurled a commanding four hit shutout for a 3-1 win at Yankee Stadium....."

This fabulous example of DC math is viewable in the online edition for now (2nd graf of story), but who knows, maybe someone will wake up and fix it.



Lawrence H. White said...

A majority of the innings were shutout innings, and majority rules.

Richard P. said...

No comment on the Redbirds? Did you all miss the game?

Gerardo said...

It's MLB grade inflation -- giving up one run now counts as a shutout.

Michael Stack said...

He probably threw a shutout, but was pulled in the late innings. The relief pitcher(s) gave up the run, which gives Sabathia credit for the win.