Monday, October 29, 2012

Ugly Baby? Perhaps Wife Had Plastic Surgery!

A man from northern China who divorced and sued his wife earlier this year for being ugly has recently won the lawsuit, according to a report from

Jian Feng said his issues with his wife’s looks only began after the couple’s daughter was born.  Feng was appalled by the child’s appearance, calling her “incredibly ugly” and saying she resembled neither one of her parents.

With that being the case, Feng initially accused his wife of cheating.  It was at that point that his wife, who has not been named, came forward saying she had spent $100,000 on intense plastic surgeries to drastically change her appearance before she met Feng.  She never told Feng about those surgeries.

When Feng found out about the procedures, he filed the lawsuit. He said the woman convinced him to marry her under false pretenses.

A judge agreed, awarding Feng $120,000.

With thanks to the LMM.  And of course all our babies were beautiful.


Dr. Branman said...

This is a very sad state of affairs. I hope it never comes to this in the United States

Dr Rhys Branman
Little Rock Cosmetic Surgery Center

marris said...

This is dumb. They should put that money into an inflation-protected account for their daughter... who I assume will want plastic surgery someday.

Anonymous said...

This could happen in the U.S. At least, a divorce could be granted with cause for this reason. Same for your spouse lying and saying they wanted children or were fertile, etc.

Anonymous said...

Radical plastic surgery is very common with East Asians as they want to look white. This guy probably got a woman with a lot of surgery; round eyes, straight nose, narrow head etc. and then the baby came out with typical East Asian features and was disappointed.