Friday, October 26, 2012

John O: Take This Candidate Seriously!

Was just at ol' Davidson last night, for a talk.  Got to walk past the ol' frat house.

By happy circumstance, got an email from an ol' frat brother, John O.  He writes:

With the national elections looming, I know that some friends don't like to get political emails. I also think it is important to share information if we arrive at informed conclusions, so that our friends may benefit. After all the debates, platform analysis, and political punditry I have made my choice as to the best candidate in the field. Rather than vote according to just one issue, or an ideology, or a party ticket, I am voting for the principles and character of "The Man" who tells it like it is, no holds barred. Here is his campaign video. Take a minute to listen to his timely message.

Interesting.  I had never noticed how much like "I want to be sedated," by the Ramones, this chorus is.  But if I get one more Robo-call from some Romney shill, I may need to be sedated.  Or restrained.

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