Sunday, October 14, 2012

New York Times Dumb Article Contest

1.  Dumb article about "food movement."

2.  Remarkably dumb article comparing 14th Venice to a capitalist society.

3.  Appallingly partisan editorial claiming that the best way to judge a candidate is what s/he says early in the campaign.  Clearly, the best way to judge a candidate is on what that candidate actually DID, in office.  If we went by what Obama SAID, we'd have a balanced budget, be out of Gitmo, and have broad bipartisan consensus.  We have none of those things.  If you want to say that Romney is a bad guy, because he has no values except winning, okay.  But to claim that his speeches in primaries are the ONLY source of "real" info....shame on you, NYT.  How far you have descended into the muck and mire of partisan shilling.

But, then, an interesting and provocative article from my friend Nick Carnes at Duke Sanford School.  Not sure what I think the policy implication is, but an interesting argument.


Anonymous said...

Food movement....isn't that called "elimination" ??

Anonymous said...

OMG. A NyTimes EDITORIAL was partisan?

Do they not know the meaning of the word "editorial?"

Holy shit. Call the press. Wait, they are the press. Call the blogosphere!

Anonymous said...

Um...Anon OMG, did you actually read the post?

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.