Thursday, October 18, 2012

"God will truncate their hustle"

People, I cannot recommend this post, "How to give foreign aid" highly enough

Here is just a taste to get you motivated:

Some wicked people will say blasphemous things like we do not need to have highly paid foreigners living posh lives in our country in the name of development. The evil people will even imply that by pumping in so much money into projects that the government should be doing and has the money to do, you are making the government lazy and inadvertently encouraging corruption. They lie! And God will judge them harshly. Their real aim is to spoil your hustle, yours and those of all the good Africa-helping people of the world under the able leadership of Bono (and Madonna who has been kind enough to adopt dark Malawian babies who would otherwise have died of poverty or some dreadful disease). God bless Bono and Madonna.

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JohnB said...

Awesome! Makes me think about the guy from USAID who started grad school with me. He had been living in the posh houses, smoking a lot of gangee, and doing the good work for quite a few years before he decided to go back to grad school. Needless to say, he had lost the ability to actually work and think and so it was sometime in the second semester of year 1 that he slinked back to his big house doing the good work once more. Wonder if Jeff Sachs read it?