Sunday, October 21, 2012

YYM in Portugal

So, I get this phone call at 7 am Saturday from the YYM:  "I got pickpocketed in the Lisbon train station."

He still has his passport, and he is with his girlfriend so he has access to cash.  But it is worrisome.  Apparently the two of them had "met" this aggressive woman who stood very close to them and asked for directions.  Presumably confederate behind him reached and took the wallet.

From his front jeans pocket?  Because that is where I always tell him to keep his wallet in train stations and public place:  keep your wallet in your FRONT jeans pocket.  Make them "kiss the dog."

No, it was in his outside jacket pocket, the big open one where you put your hands.  *&$^#$&^@!

Later in the day, he sent this picture, after they had rented a car and driven over to the coast.  Things must not be TOO bad...

Click for an even more happy image.

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Tim Worstall said...

If they're coming down to the Algarve I'll buy them a beer. Let me