Monday, October 29, 2012

Caption Contest!

A KPC caption contest.  Saw this at UNC-Charlotte, where I was visiting DoL Co-blogger Craig Depken.

The box has dirt in it.  And a bunch of text about how great plants are, and how this "Green Screen" will help save the environment.  I had to take a picture.  It captures pretty much everything I know about the "green" movement... Solyndra in a flower box!

click for an even more unwatered and pointless image


rusrus said...

I guess the environment is doomed?

Mike said...

This idiocy is done at all levels of government and in all locations. If you'll excuse the self promotion, here is an example from Flic en Flac beach in Mauritius: Proud to be an American.

Anonymous said...

"Gardening Gangnam style". In the flashy, hollow sense Psy uses it of course, not the cynical postmodern irony when used as the description of KPC.