Friday, October 12, 2012

Reaming Romney

I don't always find the New Yorker to be very good reporting.  I subscribed for years, but the bias and outright fabrications of the new regime were just too insulting to readers with an IQ over 80, so I bailed.  But, occasionally, they get something right.  Like this.  Excerpt:

  Romney now seems to fancy himself a small-government zealot, who promises the end of the culture of entitlement. Yet even as he assails people on Medicaid and Social Security, and those who receive the earned-income tax credit, for being “dependent upon government,” Romney has had strikingly little to say about another prominent group that’s “dependent upon government”: the many American companies whose profits rely, in one form or another, on government assistance.

Here's the hilarious thing:  when you lefty goofballs write stuff like this, the mask slips a little.  You jabber about George Bush being all "libertarian."  Really?  Then why is the above paragraph true?  There is nothing libertarian about crony capitalism.  Quite the opposite, in fact.  So if the above is true, and it is, then stop calling Romney, Bush, and the other corporo-statist extremists libertarians.  It's absurd.  Even a steaming pile of ideology-baiting ordure like the New Yorker can get it right, sometimes.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, those "lefties" who called George W. Bush "all libertarian".

That's strong stuff, Mungowitz.

Michael said...

Here here, I'd love it if people who speak out against libertarians would actually learn what a libertarian is, instead of lumping in social conservatives and corporatists and smugly declaring they've exposed a flaw.