Sunday, October 21, 2012

V meets Jubilee meets Disturbing Nutjobs

A call to the armed forces of England to commit the grossest and most destructive kind of treason. 



Michael said...

Are people really this naive and stupid?

If you slog through the last Zeitgeist film, their idea for a nonviolent communist revolution is for everyone to take all of their money out in cash and dump it in front of the banks.

August said...

I think the Queen is basically captive to the politicians, but I am sure the British have plenty of reason to consider themselves ruled by traitors.
I know I do here in America.
Anonymous's assessment is somewhat simplistic- there probably won't be a redistribution so much as a revelation as to how little is actually left. Then, hopefully whatever little is left can be put to productive use. But then again, people are stupid. The corporate/government types have been burning through capital to keep the illusion that the system is working alive for years- why pick on Anonymous for wanting to make their idea of simple justice happen? Apparently they just want to be able to grow their own food. A much healthier mentality than the manipulative mentality of the average Davos participant.

Pelsmin said...

Fight the wealthy and the "banksters" and your reward will be...uhhh....a lot of land that you can build a large house on. Like a wealthy banker.
Oh, and you have to be a farmer, too, or rather "you can grow your own food."
Free the mind from the constraints of internal consistency and logic and it's amazing what it can produce.