Friday, June 05, 2009

419 Baiting SO fantastic.

The premise is that we, as citizens, can punish people who are trying to break the social conventions, by scamming THEM. Not hurting them, but humiliating them.

So fantastic. The Dead Parrot sketch from Monte Python, as a punishment.

(Nod to Brad Taylor. And I didn't embed the videos, because I want Brad to get the hits. Nice job, BT)

(UPDATE: Avita writes that we should listen to this podcast, from "This American Life." Avita is right!)


Will Welch said...

If only the feds would do this sort of thing with corruption stings on our own officials.

Tom said...

Brad Taylor fears "bad" uses of altruistic punishment in cases like recreational drug use and Living While Gay. But the 419 fraud requires participation of a victim, whereas with drugs and LWG, there is no such thing. As long as altruist "punishment" is nonviolent, drug users and gays will be far better off, than with traditional, democratic (=violent) responses to unpopular behaviour.

Shawn said... scambait ever:

Slumber party!

viagra online said...

I love to scam people but not only those who infringe conventions, everybody must be punished! that's my philosophy.

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