Tuesday, June 02, 2009

It's Opposite Day, at AIP Charter

Der Grosse sends this link, and notes.....

It reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where George does everything opposite of what his judgment tells him to do. The school in the article seems to do the exact opposite of what the typical education professor would recommend.

Is this what schools would look like in a Mungowitz administration?

A fine question, D.G. And the answer is: SOME schools might look like that. Because in a Mungowitz administration, there would be an ability to choose what kind of school you wanted to have. If some parents wanted this kind of school, and were willing to organize it and fund it (in this case, with public money, as a charter school), then yes, this what at least one school would like.

But I would not presume to know what ALL schools should look like, or to know what works, for all students and all parts of the state. Only the state education mafia could have that kind of bizarre, and entirely mistaken, presumption.

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Dirty Davey said...

"The short answer is that American Indian attracts academically motivated students,..."

Any school whose job is to teach a selected subset of the student population has an order of magnitude advantage over a school, or a school system, responsible for the entire school-age population in an area.