Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Field Marshal Angus throws another shrimp on Bin Laden's barbie

The Aussies are fighting alongside NATO troops in Afghanistan, but they draw the line at eating alongside NATO troops, at least the Dutch ones!

"Australia's soldiers fighting Taliban militants in Afghanistan are up in arms, over Dutch food.

A special team of Australian military cooks had been rushed to Afghanistan to produce "Aussie food" after scores of soldiers complained about the Dutch-run mess at Tirin Kot military base, in southern Uruzgan province, parliament was told Wednesday.

"I think the issue is that it's not Aussie food, it's European food. It's true that people have been quite strong in their views about the European food," Australia's military commander Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston told lawmakers at a special defence budget hearing."

Yes people, you read that right. Air Chief Marshal Angus!

"Houston said the Dutch-prepared food was generally nutritious, but was not as fresh as Australians were generally accustomed to in their diets.

"We listen to our people. Our people have indicated that they'd like some Aussie food," Houston said."

If I was an Aussie soldier, I would press on this margin until Marshal Angus is worn out!


Kunal said...

This will not surprise anyone who watches cricket. The Aussie cricket team has cancelled cricket tours to other countries because one of their bowlers couldn't get the right brand of baked beans.

Bruce said...

That's almost true Kunal.

Warnie did manage to get as many cases of Watties (not Heinz) Baked Beans as he needed and thus disaster was averted.

We actually love European food here in Australia too. It's the Dutch food we don't like. There is not a single listing for a Dutch Restaurant here in Melbourne. We have Irish, Spanish, French, Italian and even Belgian - but no Dutch.

Dazy said...

We are not able to mount a continuous military effort in Afghanistan unless we choose to neglect today's pressing domestic economic requirements, or mean to assume heavy further tax burdens or place additional devastating debt on future generations.