Thursday, June 04, 2009

A Story We are Following Closely

An update on the efforts Chief Air Marshall Angus to save his Aussies from Dutch food.

Here is a hint on why perhaps a certain "lack of freshness" may be a problem.

The Dutch cooks at Tarin Kowt serve around 2500 soldiers a day, a mix of Dutch, Australian, French, Slovakian and British troops. The food is prepared in the Netherlands, frozen and then shipped to Karachi in Pakistan. From there it goes by road to Afghanistan. With delays at the border, the journey can take as much as two or three months. Because of food safety considerations, ISAF bases are not permitted to use local Afghan fruit or vegetables. (SOURCE, my emphasis)


So, I want to know, what IS "Dutch food." An answer, and a defense of Dutch cuisine:

Dutch cuisine? What Dutch cuisine is best known for is that there is in fact no such thing, that the Dutch kitchen consists just of herring, cheese and hotsput, and that the use of herbs and spices is unknown.

But… There is such a thing as Dutch cuisine. The Dutch do not just eat herring but do in fact have dishes that are worth trying.

Because… Over time the Dutch kitchen has been exposed to the influence of other cuisines, much to its benefit.

THERE'S YER TROUBLE! The Dutch cooks were serving ACTUAL Dutch cuisine, which does not exist, save for unspiced herring and potato/carrot gruel. If the Dutch cooks had been exposing themselves to other cuisines (such as, I don't know, Australian?), things would be been just bonzer!


Anonymous said...

what's aussie food? Isn't it just fish n' chips just like the brits? I doubt that kind of food would fare much better than dutch food.

Angus said...

Baked beans never lose their "freshness"

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