Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Best Signs in the World--2

Here is a very fine sign, near an American military base in Germany: I would imagine that this command applies especially, though not exclusively, to those people who actually HAVE dogs....On the other hand, apparently the troops are allowed to fill their housing areas with cow or turtle excrements, if they so desire. Rules can seem so arbitrary, don't you think?

(Nod to Martin, who fills his housing area with sturm und drang, though in a tasteful and friendly way)


Anonymous said...

Being in the military is like a union job on crack. At least people don't have to pick up dog crap for PT in the morning.

Martin said...

We actually have dog excrements in our courtyard right now. Damn sausage, I mean chihuahua!

Well, Dominik made a nice sign to warn people.

By the way, Anna made the picture which Ulla send to me. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps for the French soldiers? As pointed out by NPR, Parisians are just now being asked to clean up. A link from Google:

Anonymous said...

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