Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Grand Game

It's been a while since we played the "Grand Game," where we at KPC post a news story, or blog entry, from some other source, and ask readers to point out the most amazing or outrageous part of the story.

Here's today's story:

(CNN) -- Monica Conyers, Detroit's embattled City Council president pro tempore, pleaded guilty Friday to conspiring to commit bribery, a federal court representative in Michigan told CNN.

Detroit City Council member, Monica Conyers, admits accepting bribes to sway a $1.2 billion contract vote.

My own picks for most amazing outrageous:

1. The mood was somber at Conyers' office on Friday, an official there told CNN. Really?

2. According to state law, Conyers will have to forfeit her seat, Tolliver said. Cockrel said there's language in the law that makes it unclear whether she needs to forfeit her seat immediately or after sentencing

"It hurts the City Council's image, for sure," Cockrel said.
Let's see, she pleaded guilty to accepting bribes to change her vote on the city council. And now they act like the only problem is some obscure state law that says she will have to forfeit her seat? Soon? I would HOPE so. As for "hurting the city council's image"....Jeh*vah, Jeh*vah, Jeh*vah! Like in Monty Python, how could it POSSIBLY get any worse? The only way the Detroit City Council could have a worse image is if they admitted to cannibalism.

Lots of other stuff to pick from. After all, this fine woman is the wife of John Conyers, my FAVE-o-rite US Congressman.

And, she is 44; that means John Conyers (He is *80*) took office in the U.S. House in 1965, the year his wife was BORN.

Finally, the ethics-minded Mr. Conyers wrote, "The Constitution in Crisis," because of his concern about good government. Perhaps now he will write, "My Wife Stole a Bunch of Stuff." Because, friends, that is just the kind of guy he is.

(Nod to RL)


Tom said...

Mungowitz is more high minded than I. I immediately focused on "a $1.2 billion contract." Isn't Detroit broke? Ah, yes, Google quickly found evidence that the Feds are subsidising (both directly and indirectly) this spending spree. Never-even-f-ing Mind that she's stealing the money; it was already stolen and wasted before she got started.

jv said...

I'm used to sketchy benefits, of course, but I'm amazed (and not surprised) that politicians do things so awful as to involve envelopes filled with cash. That's real sketchy.

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