Thursday, June 11, 2009

Delta WiFi

Delta plans to have WiFi on all its flights!

$10 for less than three hours, $12 for longer flights.

That is really pretty great, from my perspective. But how will they handle:

1. Access to power? Or will everybody have to bring extra batteries? That's
a lot of extra weight, and some fire risk.

2. Censoring content? Apparently, they are going to censor dirty stuff, stuff they think is dirty (I hope they cut out Keith Olbermann), and any kind of VOIP. There may be an arms race between cat and mouse. I guess this means Delta will be taking lessons from China on how to restrict internet sites. Ick.

3. Security? Sitting right there, so close, for hours. An enterprising scammer can buy tickets just for the purpose of stealing stuff, if it is all wireless.

Still, this would be very, very good.


Steve in NC said...

Good points raised about wi-fi. However you can understand why Delta would restric content somewhat becuase otherwise they would get sued for "indecent" material. Especially if a child could see over the back of the seat.

Access to news and email will still be a huge improvement over nothing. I would take something rather than nothing.

James said...

1. I think you're banned from laptop batteries in check on due to the additional risk (or battaries in checked luggage I forget which)

2. This is a game they will lose for the tach-savvy fringe. Just do what the Chinese do run a VPN tunnel to the outside world past the firewall and run everything through their. or use TOR to mask the final destination of any connection.

3. Like this is not a problem in a Starbucks? There even exsists a Linux application (driftnet) which picks out all the images people around you are downloading and puts it up on your screen.

Anonymous said...

1. I thought most big planes already had power in the seat? They sell adapters at WalMart.

3. If you're talking about really sensitive information, you should only be sending it over an SSL tunnel (https, ssh, vpn) anyway. Sending important data over an unencrypted connection (like conventional email), wired or wireless, is completely insecure.

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