Thursday, June 11, 2009

What de Jasay?

I am in Frankfurt for a Liberty Fund Conference, on the writings of the estimable Anthony Jasay. (You have to like the modesty of the web site: "You should find visiting [the web site] both stimulating and instructive." It is always useful when people give you instructions on what your reactions should be. Saves you having to think independently, which can be both tiring to put this.....well, people might otherwise get stuff wrong.

And, Ms. Mungowitz will be here Saturday. Then....Paris.

Staying at the Steigenberger Hotel in Frankfurt City. Got here on the DBahn, and I have to admit it went well. Very crowded, but early on both trains, and since I had a reserved sitplatz, with a table, I enjoyed the trip. It is not as interesting when things go well, I admit. But since I have been so whiny, I should also acknowledge that this trip was excellent.


Martin said...

Thanks for mentioning that everything worked out well with DBahn. I appreciate it.

Writing about the usual does not give you any comments, though. I am sorry. Fortunately, you do not read them anyway.

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